About Us

Our Aim

Our aim is to make law easy and accessible to all by being a unique online consulting platform that provides clients with reliable, easily available and affordable legal direction to their law related questions through our online consulting platform. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by all means. In all essence, TLB is law made easy.

From Pandemic to Prosperity: The Law Box Origins

The Law Box was conceived during one of the most challenging periods in recent history – the COVID-19 pandemic. Founded by a then 27-year-old entrepreneur, this innovative legal service aims to bridge the gap between individuals in need of legal advice and the accessibility of professional legal resources.

Recognizing the difficulties faced by many South Africans in terms of accessing legal counsel due to lockdowns and the resultant social isolation, Sharne Gous, the founder of The Law Box, identified a unique business opportunity. Specifically, after observing statistics, she also realized that the isolation also led to an increase in domestic violence cases, underscoring the urgent need for accessible legal support and restriction of other resources.

With these critical issues in mind, Sharne embarked on a mission to make legal advice readily available to everyone, not only during lockdown, but beyond – regardless of their circumstances. Drawing inspiration from the surge in online shopping, the founder ingeniously combined this familiar convenience, with the traditionally complex field of law. Thus, The Law Box was born – a platform offering quick, easy-to-access, and accurate legal advice and direction from the convenience of one’s home, phone, or office.

The Law Box is more than just a business; it is a commitment to making the law comprehensible and accessible to everyone in the community. It aims to provide support and clarity to those in need, helping individuals navigate their legal challenges at any time and from anywhere.

This revamped website and additional services, marks a significant milestone in The Law Box’s journey, symbolizing a renewed dedication to serving the community. The Law Box continues to stand as a testament to Sharne’s vision of fair legal access and supporting South Africans in times of need and uncertainty.

The Law Box: Redefining legal accessibility in South Africa.

Our Team

The legal world can be daunting therefore we believe that two heads are better than one

Sharné Gous

Founder – CEO

Sharné Gous has a BA, LLB & LLM. Her delight in entrepreneurship is second only to her love of the law. The Law Box is the realization of a long held dream of building her own brand and to make a significant contribution to making the world a better place.

Adv Leonie Heyns

Advocate – Consultant

Adv Leonie Heyns was a Prosecutor in the Free State before being a Magistrate in the North-West for 16 years. Leonie, a person of rare integrity and determination, is a key member of the TLB team. She has a B Juris degree and an LLB degree, and a wealth of case law experience